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Like our product, our pricing isn’t one-size-fits-all. We calculate your personalised quote by looking at your specific needs and the number of subscriptions you require.

MYCDD pricing

We offer 2 solutions:

Store & Share

For Sharing your 'KYC' documents

Perfect for Individuals and Businesses who wish to share all their KYC documents.




For Gathering CDD

Perfect for Businesses who gather Client Due Diligence.

First 20 Client 'Subscriptions' are FREE, thereafter:

Guide Price:

£7 / subscription / year

* Reasonable limits may apply

Compare the Plans:

Store & Share Professional
Standard Features
Secure Document Repository
Unlimited* Document Sharing
Unlimited* Downloads
2FA login and 256 bit Encryption
Mobile, iPad, Desktop Web App
Business Features
Organisations Documents sharing
Organisations Members management
User management
Security Groups
ID verification Let's Talk
Sanction checking Let's Talk
Gathering CDD * one time verification required
CDD requests
Pay per subscriptions per year
Bulk Client Upload & CDD requests
Pay per subscriptions per year
Organisations Subscriptions * coming soon Let's Talk
Support and Professional Services
Product Onboarding Support
Bulk Client Upload assistance Let's Talk
Professional Services and API Let's Talk

What is a CDD Subscription?

MYCDD has introduced a new concept to the world of Professional Services and Trusts called the ‘CDD Subscription’.

We all know that identity and address proof documents must be kept up-to-date as well as numerous other documents from PEP to AML.

When a client shares his/her CDD with you using our service, that share is persistent. When those documents expire we nudge the client to update them, so you always have access to the latest documents. That's why we like to think of it as a 'CDD subscription' rather than a share to static documents.

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