Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any KYC facility?

No, we do not offer KYC or other compliance services. Our service facilitates the secure and simple sharing of Client Due Diligence between parties.

Can a subscriber see all my documents?

No, absolutely not. A subscriber only has access to what you allow them to see. For example, if you have a share register and a copy of your passport in MYCDD, and you share your passport to Company A, they will never see or be aware of your share register, unless you decide to share it with them thereafter.

Can I recover an expired or delete document?

No, once a document has expired, or has been deleted, the documents are deleted from our servers. They cannot be recovered. Auditing reports on activity to those documents may still be available.

I was away and had an invitation to share my documents with an organisation awaiting for me when I returned. The link doesn’t seem to work.

This is normal and expected. For security reasons, the invitation link (token) has a short lifespan, and you need to action it as soon as possible. If you know who has requested your CDD, simply select your document(s) and share it with them from within the application.

I requested Client Due Diligence documents from a Director of a company and they have not accepted my request. What can I do?

This request will be showing under your subscription as Pending. From there you can Remind the document owner of your request, which will send them a newly generated link to approve or reject your request. If no action is taken from that point, we recommend reaching out by telephone and asking them to address the request.

Do you share my profile information with subscribers?

No, absolutely not. We gather some personal information for the purpose of matching information provided in identity documents, and to ensure that duplicated names can be differentiated. Once integration with third party identity verifiers is enabled - and should you choose to use this method - some of your information, such as date of birth, may be shared, but your consent will be required.

Can you resend my forgotten password?

No, to meet our high security standards passwords are encrypted. You will need to reset your password from the login page.

Who do I call if I need technical support?

Our support team is at your disposal and, while we use a queuing system, we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. Email us at


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