MYCDD Limited was incorporated in 2019 in Jersey, a leading international finance centre with high regulatory standards.
The founding team's background is in finance administration, IT and development, and compliance.

50 years

...of experience in IT, Compliance, Law and Finance has been brought to bear on solving the workflow challenges of CDD

My vision is to save businesses time and money by revolutionising the way CDD is gathered and shared in the simplest of ways.

Founder | CEO Stephane Gimenez
Stephane Gimenez
Stephane Gimenez CEO
Previously the applications and development manager for a large fiduciary company, he has 24 years' experience in the finance industry.

The Founding Vision:

During my 24 year career in Jersey, predominately in IT management for large professional businesses which manage CDD every day, I've seen firsthand the difficulties which organisations face collecting and keeping CDD up-to-date. From day to day file reviews, to large remediation projects, those compliance processes can cost regulated companies millions of pounds a year.

My vision is to save businesses time and money by revolutionising the way CDD is gathered and shared in the simplest of ways. Our product has optimised the process and already 1000s of man hours have been saved in 2021.

A technical expert consulting in risk and compliance and experienced in delivering balanced solutions that ensure compliance, legal, conduct and risk obligations are met, whilst providing constructive strategic input that facilitates the firm’s commercial success.

Safe Harbour Compliance

MYCDD is a Jersey business, pulling resources from Jersey talent, from Development, Creativity, Compliance and more. We ultimately aim to use local skills, especially in light of recent job losses with Covid-19.

Our Partners:

With the recent global events dramatically fast-tracking the appetite to implement RegTech in the industry, MYCDD is committed to work with local regulatory and government bodies. We have attended regular meetings with experts from the moment MYCDD was a concept, and making sure that we were working along the available guidelines, with the assurance that our efforts were targeting the biggest ‘pain-point’ in the industry.

Being a member of such Organisations allows us to utilise available skills with required expertise whilst staying up-to-date with changes. We also want to show our intentions to be beneficial to the island as a long-term solution, but also to the offshore industry as a whole.

Outsourcing some of the operation elements means that we can dedicate our efforts to the development of the product and react to clients’ demand faster than others. To date, 95% of client requests have been implemented, and we are continuing to implement bespoke requests in our ongoing Corporate feature called ‘Organisations’, open to Pilots for real usage in high volume.

Our talented team of developers are following best practice, as gathered by the CEO in his 24 years experience in corporate environments, audited on a regular basis, following strong policies and making sure that all risks are mitigated as much as possible. To name some, change management controls, cyber security with regular penetration testing and infrastructure support.

Jersey being one of the toughest regulated jurisdictions make us unique in addressing complicated processes in a different way, allowing automations, reducing duplication of processes, and putting the client in control to reduce the overhead on the administrative team.

Our drive and obsession to innovate, together with real hands-on experience in the subject matter makes us a great choice to help deal with your AML needs and CDD gathering.

MYCDD has three core values


It's easy to use.


Data and document security is paramount.


It solves problems and improves processes.

These values, combined with decades of combined experience in the team, have informed the development of a world-class service.

We resolve all compliance issues utilising our experience and strong knowledge on the matter. In addition to the 22 years of experience in fiduciary and law firms, we also work under the advice of Safe Harbour Compliance, and its Chief Officer Tim Smith, who advises and answers any questions that may arise, and where required, supports clients.

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